Aesthetic Software Security, the growing concern...but don't take our word for it!



Aesthetic Software Security


This was actually part of a Facebook post that included the unfourtunate young woman’s first and last name. With a quick glance it looks like an attack from an angry ex, but this was an act of aggression from a former friend that worked for a clinic where the 21-year-old had recently been treated.

This patient care technician had snooped through France’s confidential files and then actually aired the information on Social Media. These kinds of nightmare scenarios are a blow to both patients and healthcare professionals, and they leave many people questioning the security and respect given to their private medical records.

"Do I really need to worry about my Aesthetic Software Security?"

                  Transitioning from Paper to EMR Systems

  Since the passage of Obama's HITECH Bill, the transition out of paper & into EHR jumped from a mid-level position on the practitioner "to-do list" and became a legal and pressing necessity. The expectation of both government bodies and clients has brought this issue to the front door of aesthetic practices as well.  Today compliance is built into a good Electronic Health Record platform and many software systems are quite capable of providing medical facilities with basic record keeping needs. Aesthetics, however, is a different animal entirely, software for our industry needs to go a step further.  The elective nature of aesthetics means that clients have a unique set of expectations as well as an unparalleled ability to shop around for the practitioner of their choice. We see many medical spas and aesthetic practices hurt by their own unwillingness to research and implement a specialized EHR system that takes these needs into account.