Ready for a Sculptra Injection Class?

 Are You Ready for Medical Aesthetics Training in Sculptra?

As a member of the synthetic polymer family, Sculptra is longer-lasting than most dermal fillers and this can leave practitioners wondering if it's a worthwhile risk for their clinic or spa. Since a few bad treatments can quickly erode a practitioner's reputation, it makes sense to study each treatment carefully before deciding what to provide.


Clinic and spa appointment software

The days of calling a practice or medical spa, talking to the receptionist and scheduling an appointment are long gone.

Today you can run your clinic operations with greater freedom and efficiency. Imagine a completely hands-off scenario where your customers can book an appointment at anytime of the day or night!

This is exactly what Aesthetic Record EMR will do for you with its new Scheduling and Appointment Booking features. We plan to take the stress off you and empower your customers at the same time. As an added bonus your practice will now allocate far less time to answering these simple, booking calls. 

Now that you are an active user here at Aesthetic Record, and you have all the clinics, providers, questionnaires & consents populated. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to configure The Aesthetic Record Med Spa Scheduling at your clinics: 

Step 1 - Create Services

Locate "Scheduling" in the main navigation menu, in the dropdown click on "Services". Next click on the "Create Service" button. The following screen will appear:

Despite overwhelming client enthusiasm for before and after photography we often see practitioners that are hesitant to take the leap into building their own portfolios. Thankfully, aesthetic software has progressed to the point that before and after photos and even client timelines are all but built into the platforms, leaving us little excuse to drag our heels. 

Of the reasons we often hear regarding the absence of a good portfolio, a basic trepidation about the process typically tops our list. This series is intended to help both novice and veteran spa and clinic practitioners stay competitive in the ever-growing aesthetics industry.