6 Ways The Right Patient Online Booking Software Saves Time & Money

Has balancing your practice schedule become a headache? Most Med Spa Directors and Owners list scheduling as a primary pain point in their overall business analysis. It’s tough to juggle all the necessary components of a thriving medical spa while you’re trying to determine which provider is occupying which room, using what device, and for how long. Double booking feels like the end of the world to the patient who is forced to wait, so this conundrum repeats itself every day!

Still, making a change to your system can seem daunting, especially for those that have lingering doubts about setting up online scheduling. With Aesthetic Record’s new Configuration Wizard, you can rest assured that every aspect of scheduling unique to your practice’s service offerings has been addressed.

We designed our scheduling tool within a working medical spa; each feature represents careful planning and countless hours of trial and error. Take a look below for six ways that Aesthetic Record can improve your patient’s booking experience, reduce the time your staff spends on the phone, and keep you running efficiently.

Free up staff with online scheduling

Save time and money by freeing up your front desk from appointment duty. Your team won’t be bogged down by calls; instead, they can focus on creating a great experience for the patients in your waiting area. Now your patient concierge team can spend time with each patient or potential patient that walks through your door. Great first impressions start with a warm welcome and individual attention. No one likes to walk into a business and wait while the front desk handles the non-stop ringing of a busy phone. At the same time, callers will spend less time on hold when they call in with important questions.

Online appointments eliminate the need for your staff to memorize complicated schedules, so human error is taken out of the equation. No more booking errors! Our software prevents double booking by cross-referencing every provider’s schedule, room schedule, and device schedule before allowing an appointment to be booked.

online scheduling

Give patients time to book appointments

With online scheduling, your patients can book an appointment anytime, day or night. The typical patient will research treatments outside of business hours-many times in their PJs! Take advantage of that interest while it’s fresh in their minds by allowing 24/7 booking.

Aesthetic patients have come to expect the ability to book appointments on their own time. With Aesthetic Record, your repeat clients have the extra benefit of their own patient portal where they can check appointment times, follow up on questionnaires, and read over pre-treatment information. Patient portals are shown to increase engagement and help build a foundation of trust. If your software doesn’t have one, you may be missing out on a key driver of patient retention.

Use automatic appointment reminders

Cut no shows with automatic appointment reminders by text and email. Appointment reminders are a must-have when your schedule is full.  If a patient can’t make it, you can easily offer that time to someone on your waiting list. Don’t lose the revenue if you don’t have to. Research shows that the simple act of sending out an appointment reminder can decrease no shows from 30-85%. For best results, automatic appointment reminders are sent out at the time of booking and two days before the appointment. This gives patients who may have forgotten to make arrangements another chance to book that babysitter or cancel that meeting and keep their appointment.

Securing Appointments with a Credit Card

No-shows have a tremendous financial impact on a medical spa, and they can quickly turn what you thought was going to be a killer day into a major bust.  As a result, it’s become standard practice in recent years to ask patients and clients to secure their appointment with a credit card. While this needs to be a well-thought out decision for your business, asking patients to hold an appointment time with their credit card can reduce the amount of last-minute cancellations and no shows you experience.  With Aesthetic Record, you can turn this feature on or off at any time, and you can set the parameters in our Configuration Wizard. Remember, however, that if you adopt this as your standard process, be sure to enforce it!

Manage your reputation

Patient experience surveys are priceless when it comes to your aesthetic practice’s fiscal health and your reputation. With Aesthetic Record, you can customize surveys to discover information about any area of your practice. You’ll learn to recognize patterns and track success in practitioner performance, treatment effectiveness, even marketing packages.

Follow up surveys have the added advantage of alerting you when you have an unsatisfied patient. This gives you the chance to reach out before you end up with an unflattering review. The time your patient spends in your medical spa will have a lasting impression, and chances are they will relay their experience. In fact, studies show that consumers are three times more likely to share a bad experience than a good one! When used correctly, surveys give you back some control over your reputation.

Easily schedule staff and equipment

Your team is unique, and each member has their own needs, scope of practice, and availability. Now you can accommodate each one with a clear and concise calendar. Save countless hours and headaches by entering weekly or monthly staff schedules into our cross-referencing system so that you know each providers availability at any moment throughout the day. You can even schedule your equipment and resources, how long each procedure should take and which treatment room must be used- this is a must have if you share devices like a Coolsculpting machine or laser across multiple locations.

There are countless ways that online scheduling can help you reach your goals, but here are the most critical:

  1. No more double booking or long wait times
  2. Allow your staff to focus on patients in the office and not chained to the phone
  3. Give patients access to your schedule 24/7
  4. Patient reminders and credit card options reduce no-shows and cancellations
  5. Expertly manage devices, rooms, and providers schedules anytime

With our Scheduling Configuration Wizard, we can have you up and running in record time. Chat with our Customer Experience Team 24/7 to learn more about getting started.


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