7 Benefits of Using an EMR for Electronic Clinical Documentation

Electronic Clinic Documentation improves the quality of patient care and creates a better experience for your whole office. For most of us, working with paper-based files feels obsolete and time-consuming. But is it worth it to take the time and money to invest in a new way of practicing? Will the program free up time or leave you with more frustration while you learn to use it?

As with anything, it all depends on the software you choose!  After the 2009 HITECH Act set out requirements for medical professionals to adopt EMR systems, the industry has grown like crazy.  In recent years, the medical spa and aesthetics community has jumped on the bandwagon. It’s no surprise that clinicians and practice owners quickly realized the benefits electronic clinic documentation added to the overall practice rhythm. Happier employees means happier patients, and cutting down unnecessary admin time can put a smile on anyone’s face!

The downfall of this epic boom is the influx of companies who are selling ill-fitting systems from other specialties that don’t truly meet the needs of the aesthetic clinic. Be prepared for your transition by getting all the facts. Aesthetic Record is a platform created for practitioners by practitioners. We’ve covered all of the activities and protocols unique to the aesthetic medical industry in one intuitive application. From client consent to POS to inventory and reputation management, your days are carefully tracked and easy to report. 

Are you ready for the aesthetic field’s newest consultation tool? 


Here are 7 benefits to using an EMR for your practice management and electronic documentation needs: 

1) Time with patients: Record keeping is a time drain for most practitioners, but it’s a necessary evil; it’s what keeps us tucked away for extra hours everyday documenting each patient interaction. A robust EMR system allows for in-office note taking and instant recall of your patient’s history. Side by side photography allows you and your client to watch their transition in action. The best part? It takes about five minutes to do it all. 

2) Professional Appearance: Quality HD photographs give you the extra boost in your patient’s experience. Rather than jotting down treatments on a pre-made paper template, your patient sees a beautiful treatment progression. From a patient experience standpoint, Aesthetic Record offers something unique:  a full-color cosmetic timeline with before and after images. Photography is integrated into our application with a simple guidance tool. This helps you highlight each treatment and its outcome to the patient. Practitioners have found that this visual tool inspires patients to stay on track with their aesthetic goals by building trust and managing expectations. 

3) No More Lost Records: They’ll never be a need to hunt down patient files again! Each patient and procedure is stored on your device and backed up to the Amazon EC2 Cloud. Paper charts take up space and are cumbersome to handle. And, let’s not discuss a flood, fire or natural disaster. Now you can access patient information on the fly from your device anytime, from anywhere. 

4) Inventory: Lot numbers and dosages are recorded seamlessly throughout the patient visit. The moment you document a procedure and allocate a product, Aesthetic Record deducts it from your inventory. This provides real-time tracking of your inventory levels and alerts you when supplies are low. You’re always prepared in case of an inventory reconciliation snafu with each treatment recorded and saved in real time.

5) Meets HIPAA & GDPR Guidelines: The ever-changing nature of these laws makes it difficult to know whether you comply. Let us take away some of the worries with our end-to-end EMR, Practice Management and  Consultation Tool. We encrypt all of your data with SSL protection and a multi-tiered privacy structure. You can rest assured you meet all HIPAA compliance laws with Aesthetic Record. 

6) Legible Notes: Working in the fast-paced medical spa industry often leaves you with notes that are illegible or incomplete. With Aesthetic Record, all of your notes are in one easy to read space. Notes and patient records are easy to share among practitioners and Medical Directors with a password-protected account. With our “…” phrases, you can make standard notes and insert them with a few key strokes. 

7) Scheduling: Patients can schedule their appointments anytime, day or night, whenever the desire strikes! Your resources are carefully tracked so the schedule is specific to your rooms, providers and equipment. Our scheduling feature cross-checks equipment availability, practitioner hours, even individual treatment rooms so you’ll never double book. 

Choosing the right EMR program can not only make or break your budget, but it can be a burdensome task for your staff to take on.  Learning a new software system isn’t always easy, but with Aesthetic Record, our intuitive system makes it easy. It’s built for your busy medical spa practice with all the features you need to make your practice a success.  

Our Customer Experience Concierge Team onboards each of our customers with up to 5 hours of live training. They are standing by to set you up for success with Aesthetic Record! 


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