Are You Making This Mistake in Your Med Spa Marketing Plan?

Bad marketing plans for med spas are probably a big part of the reason that Allergan had to pay a Kardashian to move what’s actually a revolutionary product. 

Med Spa Marketing Plan Khloe Kardashian

When Kybella was FDA approved in 2015 it was kicked off with incredible fanfare, most major TV stations led campaigns with at least one of their prominent local faces leading the charge. 

At the same time we were starting to see an influx of online ads like this one, posted on

“How did you hide the swelling after Kybella?

                                 Google “Kybella Bullfrog” today and look at the results


Veteran practice owners know that most clients produce a better ROI, not to mention better long-term results when they’re up-front with them during a consultation.

Still, in the competitive run to move Kybella, it’s easy to picture naive practitioners sugar-coating the experience.

 It should go without saying, but if you’re not giving an informed consultation that includes all the potential side effects of a treatment, you’re shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to return visits. 

Med spa Marketing plan client relationships

If you want to last in the cut-throat world of aesthetics, you need to rein in your enthusiasm.

Thriving practices are no longer the ones that have been “Trusted for Decades”, they’re the ones that recognize relationships and provide clients with realistic treatment goals and an impressive cosmetic timeline.

Your Yelp reviews should read like your clients have just found a new best friend.

If your marketing plan includes pushing your staff toward unrealistic goals you will probably be starting over in a new city within the next few years. 

It’s tough, it takes planning, but to survive you’ll need to create a viable budget that includes this relationship-based philosophy.


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