Equip Your Staff with LifeThreads, The World’s First Medical Scrub Provider with Fashion, Fit, and Function

Daniel J Hume, Vice President of Sales at LifeThreads, joins us this week on Aesthetic Record TV to educate us on the technology used in the LifeThreads brand of premium scrubs tailored to flatter. DJ has experience in both cardiovascular medical device sales and textiles. It’s no surprise, then, that he helped support the reinvention of his company’s medical uniform to allow it deliver functionality without sacrificing comfort and style.


What Sets LifeThreads Medical Apparel Apart From Other Scrub Manufacturers?

LifeThreads uses third-party tested active barrier technology in their fabric to offer antimicrobial, antifungal, and water- and stain-resistant properties to protect wearers from unanticipated hazards. DJ explains that the combined fluid barrier and antimicrobial properties have been third party tested to reduce the bacteria from the surface of the garment by 99.99%.

Because of the emphasis places on protective properties, DJ considers the FDA and EPA registered brand to be more of a medical device company than an apparel company.


Staying true to their brand identity, the mission of LifeThreads is that every hero needs a cape, meaning healthcare workers should not have to sacrifice protection or comfort in their medical apparel. With these core values aligned, LifeThreads offers a variety of forms and price points in their scrubs. DJ’s personal favorite style is the newest Ergo 2.0 Collection, what he considers “the most innovative product to date” because of its breathability and overall traditional scrub appearance. In addition to the Ergo 2.0 Collection, customers also enjoy the Contego Active Collection for it’s 4-way stretch and softness. While the Contego Active Collection lacks the fluid barrier technology, it is able to retain the most flexibility that it is loved for.


What Other Products Do Life Threads Offer?


They also offer stain- and fluid-resistant lab coats and other PPR such as UV and blue light filtered fluid repellent googles, FDA Level 1 3-ply and N95 face masks and touchless thermometers. Almost all of their products are customizable.


LifeThreads places great value in their customer-centered approach. Orders ship within the first 24 hours of being placed (customizable options may take longer). Should you desire to return or exchange your order for any reason, a return label will be sent to you free of charge.


Watch the full-length interview below to learn more about the technologies offered in LifeThreads premium scrubs and lab coats. Shop the Aesthetic Record Marketplace to protect your staff in a comfortable and stylist set!

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