Four Steps to Setting Up a Botox Business

The Competitive Botox Business

The Competitive Botox Business!

Get ready! You’re about to jump in to one of the most competitive industries on the planet! The good news is, Botox and most aesthetic treatments are still working to gain mainstream momentum, so there’s plenty of room for quality players.

Starting your Med Spa Business

 Starting your Med Spa Business

1.Prepare Yourself for Unscrupulous Competitors

When it comes to government standards and certification, Aesthetic Medicine still hangs in a strange kind of limbo. While there are a few national laws for certain treatments, many are regulated state-by-state. Still, proper training is broadly defined and can consist of little more than a video course.

The aftermath of bad Botox


There are also a growing number of people who choose to practice on clients without any approved training.

Many even decide to practice on themselves or loved ones. Corrections for bad aesthetic treatments abound at the moment. 


A recent PubMed post highlighted where the danger often begins


The perpetrators included (but are not limited to) family members, such as a husband-wife duo or a mother and her two adult daughters; healthcare personnel practicing outside their scope, such podiatrist doing a facial procedure; lay persons posing as licensed doctors/nurses; and persons openly offering cheap illegal procedures.

2. Walk Your Clinic with an Aesthetics Mindset

Details matter when you’re ready to enter the aesthetic treatment market. Patients become clients and expectations change accordingly. A Botox business should be warm and welcoming, if decor isn’t your forte ask a friend or hire a consultant for some quick tips.

Your med spa setting has power

Your med spa setting has power


3. Find a Mentor

Distance learning is a beautiful thing, but for aesthetic injections feel and experience are irreplaceable. To see firsthand the problems that can arise from improper Botox and other aesthetic training methods you need look no further than

For those that don’t know allows patients to connect with medical providers for advice through their Q&A forum. Below are some actual questions:


I had botox injected into my forhead about 2 weeks ag
o and now it seems that my right eyelid is not opening up as wide as my left. At first I was mortified and thought I had a seizure and developed a lazy eye but thank fully to internet research I found out that this could be ptosis

 clueless aesthetic medical professional You may also be a bit put off by practitioner answers, some of whom are far more interested in pushing their own “special remedies” than giving actual advice.

Join up with reputable associations, it not only provides you with a community, it adds instant credibility to your practice or spa. Continuing your education is crucial as well, training with experienced practitioners is one of the best investments you’ll make as you set up your Botox business.

Relationships Matter in the Botox Industry

As you perfect one treatment there’s a good chance that the increased revenue will spark your curiosity about others. Just remember that no matter how impressive the marketing pitch- Didactic and theory learning cannot replace actual hands-on treatment experience!

The math is simple; a training class that costs you $3000 in travel and learning expenses will be paid for with a few treatments, let alone the thousands that can come in downthe road from good before & after pictures. On the other hand, skimping on training will most likely result in poor ratings and empty treatment rooms. Ideally, a single mentor will grow into a team of professionals that you collect and collaborate with over time.

4. Create a Great Portfolio and Exploit the Hell Out Of It

Why so many spas and clinics neglect this step is an absolute mystery. Marketing with a first-rate portfolio is not only incredibly effective, it’s cheap. Social media does half the work for you and happy clients are a virtual goldmine. Your website should have an impressive gallery and links to Instagram, Facebook & Twitter should be embedded and easy to find on every page. A word of warning-bad or unprofessional portfolios can backfire so learn the techniques and rules of before and after photography and be sure that you keep a good camera accessible.

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