How Aesthetic Record saved our MediSpa

An actual clinic’s submission:

Our practice was growing faster than we had expected, and yes it was exciting but we fell short of having a solution to run it efficiently. Soon enough we found ourselves with a problem, we easily misplaced client charts, we didn’t have a good way to see patient before/after pictures, and we spent more time fetching paper documents than with our clients.

The Photo Documenting Nightmare

We had a total of ten providers and they all were experiencing the same issues with picture consistency. The worst issue was how cumbersome it was to take pictures on a DSLR camera, upload them to a computer, and mark them properly with procedures.

Here are the actual steps our clinic used to take to document client pictures.

  • An assistant would take the client’s “Before” photo on a DSLR camera
  • The camera was handed off to a receptionist to download the picture from the camera, to the computer, and into a client’s folder on our server.
  • The client picture was printed so our provider could draw injection sites, cut lines, and other areas worked on.
  • Our front desk reception would scan the drawn on “procedure picture” to our client’s file.
  • After the procedure, the cycle started over to save the newly captured “after photos”
  • Finally, we would walk our client over to the reception area so they could see their before and after pictures on the computer.

Enter Aesthetic Record

Now that we use AR – These are the actual steps our office follows now:

  1. Our provider takes a client’s “before” picture using the app on their iPad, the client can sign their consent form there as well!
  2. From the ipad, the provider draws/marks the treatment on the clients photo.
  3. BOOM! All of this information is automatically available in AR immediately. We can access all photos and patient records as soon as they are saved.

The Reasons we love Aesthetic Record

AR vs RX Blog Graphic.png

To this day, when we speak to colleagues about the imaging software they use, Aesthetic Record always stands out for the best reasons:

  • No software to install, no servers to set up, literally just create log in and start working in under 5 minutes.
  • Month to month pricing and no “1st Time Setup Fees” means we can change or cancel our plan anytime as our practice grows
  • Cloud Storage means our medical directors, providers, or office can access any patient profile from any computer or iPad anywhere in the world
  • It is super easy to use so training newcomers takes minutes and not hours or days
  • Aside from patient pictures and record management, Aesthetics Record offered tons of features RX photo did not including Appointment Booking, Inventory Control, Point of Sale, Marketing Suite and tons more.

Saving pictures and saving our budget




Aesthetic Record was not the first software that we tried but aside from being the easiest to use and most robust with features, it also was cheaper than the leading competitor “RX Photo”

It should be enough to mention that for our practice our size, we paid $129 a month for 10 users while doing the same with RX photo was going to cost us over $400 a month.

Its time for you to get digital too!

If you find yourself dealing with a mess of cameras, computers, lost files, etc its time to digitize your practice .The switch is easier and cheaper than you think.

Check Out our Aesthetic Record Demo Video and see if it fits your needs:



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