How We Took the Hassle Out of Medical Inventory Management

Ready for Easy Medical Inventory Management?

Inventory Integration is here! Your entire product line at a glance.

  • Low Inventory Alerts are auto-generated, even have a message sent directly to your rep
  • Automatic Inventory Control subtracts each product used after every treatment
  • Beyond Industry Standard, pre-populated inventory of over 25,000+ products
  • Inventory Management allows quick addition of new products and categories
  • Add and Schedule your new equipment

With Aesthetic Record, your medical inventory is immediately adjusted once a treatment is completed. No provider accounting, no wasted paperwork equals more face time with your clients.

Track Every Product with Aesthetic Record's Inventory Management Software

Notice that the 30 units of Botox used here were recorded during this visit, and will now be removed from your Inventory. A seamless system that flows through every aspect of your business.

Pre-populated Inventory Saves Time and Money

 You can check all of your medical inventory on-hand with the swipe of a finger. Aesthetic Record is pre-populated with more than 25,000 products.


Industry standard pre-populated inventory of over 25,000+ products

Inventory Management is built into each transaction. You and your staff can also add new products and categories in seconds.  

Medical Spa Software Needs Great Medical Inventory Management

The Aesthetic Record Medical Inventory Management feature is already a part of your EHR Platform. Ask our coaches about white glove transition to walk you through the set-up and be alerted when it’s time to place an order.

Medical Inventory Management, Collaborate and Win

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