Is Arnica A Viable Solution to Minimize Post-Procedure Bruising? Checkout ARTV Episode #6 with Healexir

In Episode 6 of ARTV, we had the pleasure of speaking with Claire Dishman, Founder and CEO of Healexir. Healexir is an FDA approved homeopathic arnica in the form of an oral spray. When used in conjunction with the free companion app, Claire teaches us how Healexir can help speed up healing by reducing post-procedural bruising and swelling because of its high potency and unique protocol.

What is Arnica and is it actually safe?

There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding arnica’s safety and efficacy. Most commonly seen as Arnica montana and A. chamissonis, this deep-rooted, finely bristled, and yellow leafed species of plants is native to North America.

The key to safely using arnica lies in its potency and form. The primary ingredient responsible for its anti-inflammatory properties is the powerful sesquiterpene lactone compound, helenalin. When consumed in large does or applied topically, helenalin can be poisonous and may cause skin problems in some people. Claire, however, distinguishes herbal arnica from homeopathic arnica. When prepared homeopathically, she explains that arnica is sustainably harvested and is used in a highly diluted formula. This minimizes its toxicity while taking advantage of its therapeutic benefits.

Healexir offers both an oral spray and a “refined, cosmetic-grade” arnica cream. Claire encourages practitioners to use the oral solution on their patients at the time of treatment and then offer it as a short-term solution to reduce bruising and promote better healing outcomes at home. For the topical cream, Claire recommends waiting a few hours after the injection site has “closed-up” before applying.

Can Arnica be used with traditional medicine for pain relief and swelling reduction?

A type of naturopathic medicine, homeopathy has been used as a primary method of treatment in many underdeveloped countries. This alternative form for medicine promotes natural self-healing and according to Claire, has “limited side effects [that] helps your body respond better and bounce back better.” Because of this, homeopathic remedies, like arnica, has recently gained popularity in America.

How do you use Healexir?

Formulated as an oral spray, Healexir is a very simple treatment to use. It can be used post-surgery and after most non-invasive procedures such as injections, lasers, and peels.

  1. Immediately after an aesthetic treatment or surgical procedure, patients can spray the oral form in their mouth every 15-minutes. The free companion app as a built-in timer to remind you of your next dosing time.
  2. The topical cream can be applied a few hours after a treatment. In order to promote a better healing outcome, Claire recommends using it in conjunction with the oral spray.

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