Easy Staff Scheduling with Aesthetic Record’s Cross-Check Algorithm

Do You Need Online Med Spa Scheduling?

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What is Online Scheduling?

Any technology that lets you manage staff hours uses a form of online scheduling. 

How Does Online Scheduling Help with Staffing?

Spa Scheduling SoftwareOur online scheduling software lets you manage your practitioners from a distance. Satellite offices can mean that you spend much of your time working remotely.

After a few clinics open up it can be tough to keep a pulse on what’s happening day in and day out…particularly when it happens at the speed of aesthetic medicine.

Aesthetic Record coordinates the needs of your clinic and staff along with equipment availability. Our cross-check algorithm ensures against double booking and gives you full control of your resources from any device, anytime day or night. 

What Makes Aesthetic Record Unique?

Historically, med spas have required separate platforms to move clients from booking, through treatment and into the final point of sale. Aesthetic Record merges each step of the client journey, interactive and behind the scenes, to provide a seamless interaction. 

Take a few minutes to explore our new features and learn more about our intuitive scheduling application



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