Five Expert Tips for Creating Great Lips


As the most common and easily overdone treatment in the industry, lip enhancements can make or break a medspa or practice. When it comes to creating great lips, there’s an art and a science…

We’ve spoken to master injectors across the industry and they all seem to agree on a few basic points:

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Remember, Full Lips are in Fashion

There’s a trend that’s pulling clients toward a fuller upper lip, many people like close to a 1:1 ratio or larger. Also, check out your proportions from the left and right profiles to be sure that both sides show an upper lip that protrudes just over the lower one.

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Use Only HAs from Restylane or Juvederm and Never do a Treatment with Longer-lasting Products 

Mis-information has led to more than one lip disaster, don’t let it happen on your watch. Make sure all of your practitioners understand product use, classes are available all around the country and a good training foundation is worth the extra effort.

Always Stop to Stanch any Bleeding, it Minimizes Bruising

It’s natural to be tempted to skip over this step when you’re battling against your numbing cream. Encourage your practitioners to take the extra few seconds anyway.

Expect to Find Lumps and Massage Thoroughly with This in Mind

It’s surprisingly easy to miss a bump when tensions are running high from a rushed or sore client. If your client starts to pull away add more numbing cream and give them a few minutes. Never rush this process and never allow yourself to be rushed.

 Thin lips to great lips
You Can’t Reshape Thin Lips But You Can Make Drastic Improvements

Use a Sculptor’s Guide to Perfect your Sub Unit Shapes

Keep the lips uniform as you are adding volume, then go back through and modify them. Disrespecting the sub units is the most common mistake when it comes lips. Always inject from the front. Don’t create more sausage! 

Please let us know if there’s anything we’ve missed… And grab a free copy of our Botox VS. Restylane Triple Blind Study Breakdown.





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