Med Spa Surveys, What Every Practice Manager Should Know

                               Why Use Med Spa Survey Software? 

Survey software programs can be pricey and client patience is dwindling for the approach. So what makes us recommend keeping them in your marketing repertoire? 

Even though there’s an uptick in people using surveys, most businesses don’t take the extra time to make them engaging

According to the marketing team at MyCustomer, 80% of people say they abandon surveys before they finish.Take this as a good thing, most surveys are poorly designed or worse they’re stock templates that customers have seen a dozen times.

Appealing to your client’s natural desire to offer their opinion when IT IS VALUED is the key to a good survey. So, how do we do it?

Med spa software

Med Spa software surveys need three key things to be effective:

1. Personalization 2. Engaging Writing 3. A Strategic Design.

The first rule in creating a survey of any kind is to give yourself some leeway. You may not hit the mark on your first try. Every industry requires a little research, it’s true with retail and it’s true with your med spa. Marketing Software that paints a full picture of each survey’s strengths and weaknesses is vital to your success. 

Below are a few concepts to get you started 

• 4 Ways to Personalize your Headings 

• Med Spa Survey “Rules of Engagement 

• Med Spa Survey Design

                                                 • 3 Great Med Spa Survey Ideas:       

  1. Med Spa Segmentation Surveys
  2. New Product or Concept Analysis Surveys
  3. Client Experience Survey

4 tips for med spa survey applications

Your email heading will determine your open rate and the overall success of an email campaign. Be sure that you take some time to understand how to appeal to your clients.

If you get stuck, try this:

  • Think about the last survey or unsolicited email you opened and note anything that stands out
  • Send a few test emails to your staff or friends for opinions
  • Use a tagline like: “How can we better serve you?” or “Help us understand your experience”
  • Believe it or not, emojis downsized-1.jpg in your subject line help peak curiosity

As mentioned, never send a basic template survey! It’s a turnoff to see a generic survey that doesn’t relate to you or your experiences.

For example, which is more engaging:

1. How would you rate your product experience? 

2. What was your pain level during your Botox treatment with Mary?


The Golden Rules of Aesthetic Surveys

Although analytics are priceless, the first goal of any good med spa survey is to build a relationship with your clients. Software data can only go so far, but long-term engagement brings in client advocacy, and in today’s market there is nothing more valuable than powerful grassroots campaigning.

When you finish your first survey, check it to be sure you’ve included a few of these rules


  • Insert question headings like, “How did we do?”
  • Designate the specific treatment
  • Use the provider’s name
  • Don’t use leading questions
  • Leave an area for feedback: “Is there anything else we should know?”


Med Spa survey design

 The Best Med Spa Software

      20% of the journey has already happened when they reach your door, find out why they came to you. Gaining this type of insight is invaluable for future campaigns.

Sitting down to design a survey takes discipline, it always helps to start with a basic template. Try emulating one from Survey Monkey or qualtrics then edit it for your topic. 

If you get stuck, here are a few steps to help the process

  • Decide what you hope to learn from the survey
  • Utilize “Braindumps”: Take 5 minutes to sit down and allow free-flowing thought. Write down anything that comes to you on the topic. Don’t self-edit
  • Ask a trusted colleague or friend to help you narrow down your list into questions…and buy them a drink later.
  • Keep your first survey short


 3 Surveys for your Med Spa Software

Surveys are a science. They’ve been part of a million solid studies since the dawn of the scientific method. But they are not all created equal. Many surveys today are an afterthought of half-baked ad campaigns. Don’t do this to yourself or to your clients. 

You don’t need to take hours, and after your first few you’ll find that the process gets to be second nature. Keep two things at the forefront of your mind during the design process: “What questions am I hoping to answer? and “How will this interest my clients?”

Try one of these basic concepts when you’re ready and you’ll be creating your own in no time!


Segmentation or Demographic Surveys


These are basic demographic surveys, they’re ideal for introducing your business and identifying customer preferences. Written well, these will give you a descriptive client segmentation and market share analysis.


A few sample questions for Segmentation Surveys


  • I am: Option Box-1.jpg Male Option Box-1.jpg Female Option Box-1.jpg Prefer not to answer Option Box-1.jpg Other
  • My Favorite treatment is___________
  • The treatment I’m most curious about but haven’t tried is_________
  • I usually get my treatments done at____________

New Product or Concept Analysis Surveys


These are perfect if you’ve just acquired new equipment or if you’re debating which treatments to add to your med spa menu. Think about trying one before you invest in new treatments. Automating your software for follow-up sale emails after the surveys can also give you great conversion.


 A few sample questions for New Product or Concept Analysis Surveys


  • Have you ever tried a ________ treatment?

If so, how would you rate your final result:

Option Box-1.jpg Excellent Option Box-1.jpg Good Option Box-1.jpg Neutral Option Box-1.jpg Unimpressive Option Box-1.jpg Poor

  • Are you interested in trying a ____________ treatment?
  • What is your general impression of this treatment?

If so, how would you rate your final result:

Option Box-1.jpg Excellent  Option Box-1.jpg Good Option Box-1.jpg Neutral Option Box-1.jpg Unimpressive Option Box-1.jpg Poor

If so, what is your level of interest:

Option Box-1.jpg Excited to try it Option Box-1.jpg Interested  Option Box-1.jpg Somewhat Interested Option Box-1.jpg Probably Won’t Try this Treatment

I’ve heard great things about _________ I’ve heard mixed reviews I’ve heard poor reviews No one I know likes this treatment


Client Experience Survey

These are priceless, and I recommend this being the first survey you write. Your reputation on social media can be saved by a well-timed Client Experience Survey. A client that walks away angry may be placated by the chance to vent to your survey rather than on Yelp!

You’ll also get insight into your business almost immediately. Use it to evaluate staff, identify client pain points and even understand product/treatment value. For instance, would they come back after a minor complaint? If so, why?


A few sample questions for Client Experience Surveys


  • How did you feel when you arrived for your appointment?

Option Box-1.jpg Very Welcome Option Box-1.jpg Welcome  Option Box-1.jpg Neutral  Option Box-1.jpg Slightly Unwelcome  Option Box-1.jpg Very Unwelcome

  • How did ________ (your practitioner) make you feel during your appointment?

Option Box-1.jpg Extremely Comfortable  Option Box-1.jpg Comfortable Option Box-1.jpg Somewhat Comfortable Option Box-1.jpg A little Uncomfortable Option Box-1.jpg Very Uncomfortable

  • What can we do to improve your next experience with us? ___________________
  • What was your pain level during your _____ treatment with _____?

 Circle One

Pain Scale for med spa software


*Quick Tip: The last survey I completed was from Hubspot, its tagline read “Just Two Questions, We Promise!”…and it was, I’ll probably take the next one they send.




We’re currently perfecting the Patient Survey Feature for our Med Spa Software and we’re hungry for ideas!

Please take a minute and give us your insight below, or visit us on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Thanks for all you do to keep us running!



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