A 25% Decrease in No-Shows with this Automated Reminder Strategy!

Why You Need Automated Appointment Reminders in Your Med Spa Scheduling Software.

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Imagine eliminating no-shows by 25%…that’s what British consulting company, Behavioral Insights Team, or BIT was able to do for the UK’s medical system.

According to a New England Medical Journal report, their automated reminder was actually done through a recorded voice message. It simply stated the cost to the country’s health system caused by every missed appointment.

Through some trial and error, the BIT team figured out how to strike the right nerve with the right people. Busy, working adults will push their own health concerns to the back burner when there’s a conflict. By pointing out the importance of these appointments to the stressed healthcare budget, BIT moved its target into a place of shared responsibility.

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We’re not suggesting that you tell your clients what their absence will cost you, just that you build an emotional response with these all-important tools.

Automated appointment reminders will also be one of the first opportunities you have to begin a client/practitioner relationship. Medical Spas and aesthetic practices are unique in our dependence on these connections. Why? Because busy people will easily bump us off their to-do list.

A structured plan to keep clients on track can be built into the core marketing of your business without the expense of a multinational advertising firm. But each step of your process matters… 

Try These 3 Things When You Write Your Next Auto-Reminder SMS or Email

Always Send Reminders From an Individual

Reminders should be written from the practitioner’s perspective or should at least mention them by name. Triggering a personal response helps people to stay accountable. Adding a line including, “you’re an important part of our day”, or the like can also help induce a sense of urgency. Try to avoid sending emails or SMS from a “do not reply” account as well.

Include a Full Date and Time

Wed the 4th at 3 pm instead of Wednesday at 3. It may sound simplistic, but we see mistakes all the time. Train your staff to be clear about the details and keep the email or text clear of other CTAs.

At most include a “reschedule appointment option”. You have seconds to keep your client’s attention on the follow-through, don’t waste time on unnecessary information. No additional links or advertising.

Send One the Time of Booking and Another 24 hrs Before the Actual Appointment

Salon today quoted veteran spa owner, Jim Bower on the expense of lost time, “Some level of tardiness, unfortunately, comes with the territory, as there will always be circumstances outside of everyone’s control.

No-shows, however, seem to fall into a different category. I have found that in most cases the client simply forgot the appointment or confused it with a different day and/or time. Even in this electronic age, some still enter a wrong date/time on their calendars or get easily side-tracked when going about their day.”

Med Spa Appointment Reminder Software

Aesthetic Record auto sends an SMS or email reminder at both the time of booking and 24 hours prior to the appointment. This can be changed for each location, but it’s the recommended minimum.

Many medical clinics have begun the practice of leaving a 48-hour reminder as well. An extra 24 hours allows for a lot of extra juggling time if your client truly wants to follow through with a forgotten treatment.

As always, please reach out to us with any questions. Maybe it’s crazy, but we love this stuff!


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