Generate Sales and Improve Your Online Presence and Ranking with Growth99’s Unique Approach to Getting Your Clinic Ready for its Post-COIVD Relaunch

Join us for another “Small Business Doing BIG Things” featuring Cameron Hemphill, CEO of Growth99. Cameron founded his US-based advanced technology company specifically to support aesthetic practices as they design and develop websites, create and digitize engaging content, optimize SEO, and manage their online reputation. In digital marketing, one size does not fit all. Cameron and his team assesses your clinic’s previous and current performance from all angles in order truly understand what may be keeping you from reaching your full potential. Some of his best practices involve enhancing your website and business listing to become one of the top searches when a customer is searching for nearby clinics for their next treatment. In this episode, Cameron walks us through a few tips and tricks to improve your online reputation.

Do I Really Need a Website or Another Social Media Account to See More Patients?

While Facebook and Google ads are wonderful ways to gain more exposure, you may be surprised to learn that hat isn’t what attracts more customers into your door. Before you are about to make a big ticket purchase on the latest device and technology for your clinic, what do you do? Most often, you look at it’s reviews. Patients are filtering your practice in the same way. In Cameron’s experience, reviews are invaluable.

According to Cameron, “digital marketing and websites are over 99% of searches and how consumers find businesses. Your website is just as valuable as your brick and mortar.” Having ad placement and digital assets on the internet is vital to staying ahead of your competitors. This is true, in part, because business owners truly have two categories of real state: physical and digital. By driving traffic to your website and social media platforms, you will drive traffic through your doors. This is why Cameron’s team offers A/B testing with ads to help boost your review ratings and also offers unlimited website changes and updates to keep up to speed with your COVID messaging and treatment specials. Growth99 clients and Beauty Lab + Laser practice owners Andrea and Heather, owe much of their success to their clinic’s abundance of positive reviews. With almost 1000 Google reviews at a 4.9 star rating, this Utah based premium spa is doing all they can to boost their online reputation.

What Are Some Ways that You Can Engage Potential Patients by Having Communications Specific too COVID-19?

Typically, you have a database of all of your past and current patients. Hopefully, we have all graduated from pen and paper and all of this information can be found remotely on your EMR, especially if you use Aesthetic Record. This database is your fanbase! You fans trust you and are eager to see you again to keep up with their treatments. The downside is, they are also willing to go to the clinic next door if that practice is making the effort to reach out to them. So, what does this look like?

Any new processes that you are implementing in your clinic to keep patients safe when they return is a tool that you can include in your website and social media and send out to patients via email and/or SMS text messaging. Do you have new sanitation measures? Are you now requiring special precautionary measures for your patients during treatment or check out? Is there a new parking area or guideline to encourage social distancing before entry? Are you implementing any pre- or post-appointment surveys? Any touch point that you can have with consumers count because it helps you become top of mind again. The same messaging rings true for any new product features, treatment packages, gift card offerings, etc. With any products you sell in-clinic, Growth99 will support you by building free online stores within your website.

What are Some Updates that You Should Make on your Online Business Listing Directories such as Google My Business, Facebook, or Yelp?

Beauty Lab & laserFirst and foremost, update your hours of operation. Do you offer telemedicine visits during certain days? Are you by appointment-only on the weekends? Are you currently temporarily closed?

Secondly, Cameron encourages you to consider making changes to your business listing that are specific to you or city and/or state safety mandates. Do you have special social distancing measures that your are adhering to? Are you accepting card-only?

Lastly, include a disclaimer or message about COVID-19. Should patients expect longer wait and/or treatment times? What extra services are you providing for the community? Are you requiring gloves and face makes to be work by patients? Are you providing any PPE or hand sanitizer at the door?

Cameron encourages practices to have more listings on the internet “because the more content you have out there, there more real estate you own as a business.” Digital real estate enhances your physical real estate. By reaching customers virtually, you will attract in-person visits. The challenge, then, becomes managing all of your business listings and updating them one by one by one…. Luckily, Growth99 has a tool that automatically updates synchronizes any changes you want to make to all your business listings. Easy peasy!

Improve your online reputation, encourage loyal patients to return by updating your business listing, and attract new patients by improving your digital real estate with the help of Growth99. Your patients are your fanbase and continuity of care also includes engaging with them through a variety of ways to stay relevant and top of mind against your competitors. Visit the Aesthetic Record Marketplace to learn more about the variety of ways Growth99 can help your practice design and develop a winning website, create and digitize engaging content, optimize SEO, and manage your online reputation.

Watch the full-length interview below to see how you can gain more traffic for your grand re-opening in the most cost effective manner!

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