5 Tips for Maximizing Patient Conversions with Call-to-Action Buttons

Have you ever thought back to how you ended up with three versions of the same shirt or a treadmill you just had to have that now collects dust? Chances are, that “BuyTwo Get One” shirt is now forgotten about and hanging on your flash sale treadmill! You are not alone. It happens to all of us! An effective Call-to-Action takes a customer by the hand and walks them through a series of easy steps on their sales journey- sometimes too easy! You’ll often hear the phrase “marketing funnel” in association with things like Call-to-Action buttons. This process is called a funnel for good reason- it brings customers into the mix and delivers the right people to the right place with a relevant, compelling offer. Envision a map, and all along the way, you’ve got checkpoints to make sure you are staying on track.

How can we use Call-to-Action buttons in Aesthetics?

A CTA gives a passer-by a reason to act. Is it a limited offer? A can’t miss sale? A new and exciting product? Fortunately for us, in Aesthetic Medicine, the answers are fairly easy! According to RealSelf, 4 out of 5 US adults want to improve their appearance in 2019 with 36% considering non-surgical procedures.  What does that mean for a Medical Spa? These people are actively searching online for local providers and researching the multitude of options for their individual needs. With good SEO, chances are, they may end up on your site.  Then what? The best way to capture a potential patient is to make it easy for them to turn that research into action by booking an appointment at the moment of decision.

Truth be told, many potential patients would rather passively book via a strategically placed CTA button than spend their time on the phone. Furthermore, many patients may not find time to browse your site during working hours.  If they find you on Friday night, what are the chances they wait until their lunch break on Monday to call and book? Those chances dwindle significantly if others in your market are doing a stellar job with CTAs. Online booking is the ultimate conversion tool for new patient leads.  Sure, there’s so much rich information you gain with a live phone conversation, but the best appointment is a booked one!

When you make CTAs a core part of your digital strategy, you open the practice up to new leads and existing clients that simply can’t connect with you during regular hours. Plus, with automated appointment confirmations and reminders, cancellations and no-shows drop immediately. You can add additional features like a credit card to your online booking to take that CTA all the way from “researcher” to 100% secured with payment!

5 Steps to Maximize Your CTA Buttons


Use First Person Pronouns 

Content Verve’s Michael Aagard touts a study that showed a 90% increase in conversion rates by using “Get My Free Template” over “Get Your Free Template.” Test ways to put yourself in your client’s shoes when they’re browsing.  While they look to you for guidance along the way, they want to own their own sales journey

Make Buttons a Vibrant Part of Your Site

According to the experts, red and orange buttons are reported to perform best. However, if those aren’t part of your brand guidelines, feel free to stick to your website’s palette, but choose a color that is opposite of the surrounding content.  You need these buttons to stand out!  If you have a bold logo try matching that color for total aesthetic appeal. If you want to dig a little deeper into color, check out this color psychology infographic created by Kiss Metrics.

Use Bold, Actionable Words

Content experts at Impact recommend your words should demand action. Notice the subtle, yet very real difference here:  “Set Your Appointment” vs. “Confirm My Appointment” may have different psychological impacts. “Confirm” assumes the shopper will 100% book that appointment and confirm their time. That seems more actionable than “Setting.” Also notice the power of speaking in first person. Things like “Download Now” may not be as exciting as “Elevate My Game” or “Build My Dream.” While they may all be connected to an article about self- improvement,  the last two make the reader feel like they are about to uncover the magic formula for world domination.

Stay in Shape & Size

Why does one action button shape command attention and action while the other barely gets a fleeting look? There’s not always a cut and dry answer, but you can A/B Test your action buttons for shape and size. As a general rule, buttons should be big enough to grab attention but not so big that they’re alarming. Remember, most of your followers will view your site on a mobile device.  And, yes, some people find huge text off-putting! CTA buttons should fit within the overall theme of your website but also be intuitive enough where people know to click them.

Keep Text Brief

Two to five words is the ideal length for a CTA button. Any more and you’re risking distraction from that click impulse. You’ll probably notice it in your own buying habits; a quick, exciting, but relevant Call-to-Action button is what usually does the trick.

Where to Go from Here

The best way to make an impact with CTA buttons is through ongoing testing. Get to know the likes and dislikes of your website leads.  Perform an A/B test on messaging, colors, shapes, and page placement.  Monitor which buttons get the most action and determine the root cause. For Medical Spas, the best action anyone can take on your site is to book an appointment! So, measuring conversion is easy. Configure your CTA buttons to link to your online booking software and place it on every page. Next time a potential patient is casually browsing your services, they can take the next step and confirm an appointment.  Let the booking begin!


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