BNB Aesthetics Co-Founder Reveals New Product, VioLight, a Mobile Device That Uses UV Sanitation to Kill Viruses, Bacteria, and Other Germs Like COVID-19 in and Little as Ten Minutes

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Aesthetic Record TV where we feature entrepreneurs, practice owners, and product managers who are making a difference in the Aesthetic community. ARTV is your guide to building a more efficient, profitable practice by connecting you to incredible products that support small businesses!

In Episode 3, we talk about tools to sterilize your clinic and keep your patients and staff safe from COVID-19 as you re-open your doors. Brandon James Thompson is a proud father of 3 year old girl, Delana, and 5 year old boy, Christian. He is a founding partner of two companies, Careers in Aesthetics (C.I.A) and BNB Aesthetic Innovations, the latter of which focuses on bringing industry leading transformative aesthetic solutions that improve patient outcomes and comfort. With over 12 years of industry experience in aesthetics, he has helped create and scale several aesthetic start-ups, including a medical dermatology vertical in wound care.Brandon has a keen eye on vital, yet often overlooked behaviors that can add additional cash pay revenue to your practice.

What is UV-C Light Sanitation and Is It Really Strong Enough to Kill Bacteria, Viruses and Germs?
Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, also known as UVG, is to only a tongue twister, but also a strong disinfection method that uses short-wavelength ultra VioLight light (UV-C) at 250nm to disrupt the DNA of microorganisms, thereby destroying them. UV-C sanitation light kills:
– Pathogens
– Bacteria
– Viruses (such as the COVID-19)
– Super-Bugs
– Micro-Organisms
– Fungus
– Household Germs
How Does UV-C Sanitation Light Compare to Other Cleaning Methods?
While common practices of wiping down instruments and surface with alcohol-based sanitation wipes and household disinfectants are all very effective ways to maintain a clean environment, they aren’t bulletproof was to sanitize. Moreover, these sanitation products as well as others like bleach require lengthy ventilation after use and are too time consuming to do after each patient completes their treatment.
Sanitation does not equal sterilization. Many of these microorganisms that you are trying to scrub away can still survive on surfaces afterwards! In addition, hand wands that use similar UV-C sanitation technology, are not powerful enough to sanitize larger spaces like a treatment room. Industrial UV-C sanitation equipment
can be too costly and more powerful than needed for the average Aesthetic Practice.
How can VioLight Help You?
The VioLight is a mighty, yet extremely easy device to use. Standing at 6ft and 30 lbs, it can be plugged into any standard outlet. The slender device is powered by 325-watt Phillips bulbs and was engineered specifically to kill every germ. It’s so strong that you cannot be in the same room as its working its magic! Luckily there is
a built-in timer that gives you just enough time to leave. With the touch of a button, it will sanitize a typical patient room of 300sq ft in 10 minutes. Larger spaces up to 1700 sq ft will require 45 minutes. After you shut the door, you can resume business as normal and rotate the VioLight in-between treatment rooms. The VioLight is relatively inexpensive when taking into account that it an be paid off with the average cost of 1 or 2 patient procedures and treatments. There are also bulk purchasing options for multi-location practices. As part of a government incentive, purchasing the device allows you to take advantage of the Section 179 tax benefits which helps decrease your total taxable income. Visit to learn more information about the updated 2020 Section 179 Tax Deduction.
Brandon also explains how the VioLight will give you a competitive edge over neighboring practices by allowing you to advertise your efforts in prioritizing patient and staff safety. “There are going to be a large portion of patients that are price shoppers or just move into town. Those patients are looking for differentiators,” he
says. Brandon goes on to say that, “The VioLight will increase consumer confidence and dive new patients so that you are not only surviving, but thriving.” By raising the bar for the standard of care during these difficult times, you are positioning your practice as one of the cleanest and most sanitary businesses. Posting a simple
disclaimer explaining just how you are doing this in your social media, on your website, and in any email/SMS communication will keep your loyal fans coming back and attracting new ones. How’s that for a win-win!
Check out the full-length interview below to learn more about how the VioLight can help you!

As you  reopen your clinic, don’t hesitate to include the VioLight UV-C Sanitation device by BNB
Aesthetic Innovation into your new sanitation practices. Click here to visit our Aesthetic Record Marketplace
to purchase VioLight and protect your patients and staff from viruses, bacteria, and germs. A portion of your purchase will go towards supporting For the Frontlines, an organization that offers free crisis counseling for healthcare and essential workers like you, risking their lives to save ours during this pandemic. Visit to learn more.

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