Improve Your Practice’s Operations with BRIVO Boards from Aesthetic Practice Solutions

Here to help kick off our second episode of ARTV is Ryan Heath, CEO and Founder of Aesthetic Practice Solutions, a brand that was developed by aesthetic practitioners for aesthetic practices. Ryan is a commercial executive in the healthcare industry and is known for his acute business acumen and relentless customer focus. Ryan build the success of his brand with co-creator of the BRIVO line of products, Dawn Sagrillo, MSN, AGNP-C, CPSN, CANS. Dawn’s training as a nationally board-certified adult-gerontology, plastic surgery, and aesthetics nurse practitioner has resulted in over 20 years of experience as a pioneer in the field of aesthetics. It’s no surprise, then, that she runs a very successful Wisconsin-based aesthetic clinic, Refresh Aesthetic Center. When this dynamic duo paired up, great things were bound to happen—and indeed, they did!

The birth of the brand started back when Ryan was running a 3D printing company focused on producing healthcare related supplies. Dawn came to him with a set of ideas to help her practice become more organized and efficient. Ryan was “immediately on board [when he] saw the vision she was trying to create.” Check out the full-length interview below to see the very first prototype of the BRIVO Board.


How does the BRIVO Board drive efficiency in your practice and support patient care?

“Imagine going into a business meeting either with an agenda and being very prepared or without an agenda and not being prepared,” Ryan says. He further explains that the BRIVO Board supports providers when going into a consultation or procedure by ensuring that their patient’s name and treatment notes are in the palm of their hands. The result? A better patient experience and less room for error. This allows you to spend more time engaging with your patient. Also, you can quickly transcribe or take a picture of your BRIVO Board notes and include them in your patient’s procedure timeline.

BRIVO Boards give you more time with your patients. You’ll spend less time preparing while your patient is in the room. Additionally, there are less chances of drawing up the wrong dose or offering the wrong treatment. When using the BRIVO Boards to improve your workflow, you’ll immediately notice a couple things that will help drive more revenue in your doors:

  • Less Prep Time = More Appointments You Can Take
  • More Engaged Patients = Positive Reviews

Improve performance and patient care standards by providing BRIVO Boards to your staff. You can purchase your very own in the Aesthetic Practice Solutions store inside the Aesthetic Record Marketplace. Watch the full-length interview with Ryan Heath to learn more ways the BRIVO Boards can help drive efficiency, profitability, safety, and patient experience in your practice!

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