PPE, Social Distancing and Before & After Photography with Sona Creative Group

As many of you are aware, the CDC recommends that everyone maintain a 6-ft distance between yourself and others, even when wearing personal protective equipment such and face masks and gloves. This physical distancing, more commonly known as “social distancing” has been implemented in grocery stores, malls, food delivery services, religious centers, and many other industries. Is your practice implementing social distancing? Is your staff fully equipped with the proper PPE and sanitation tools to help maintain a worry-free environment for your patients?

With over 15 years of experience in the aesthetic industry, Chris Keefe, has worked with many recognizable brands such as Jeuveau, Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Kybella, Skin Medica, CoolSculpting, and Lumenis Lasers. After serving as the creative director of Allergan’s primary agency, Chris founded Sona Creative Group to offer a variety of capabilities to the public. His team is highly skilled in digital strategy, logo design, user experience, integrated marketing, and advertising. When states began to allowing businesses to open up, Chris understood his client’s concerns for opening their practices safely. He started sourcing PPE, sanitation supplies, and tools   promote social distancing. Sona Creative Group now offers a variety of customizable options (at amazing prices) that clinics can use to promote their brand along with safety.

How Can I Use PPE to Brand My Practice?

In prior years, marketing in the pharmaceutical industry was flexible to accommodate placing a logo on almost anything. Recent FDA regulations have restricted due the way products are positioned, and in turn, the type of branding that is allowed. This is good news for smaller practices, as it allows your patients to identify more with you.

While you can’t brand a syringe, you can brand your PPE. Adding a logo to a face shield, face mask, or hand sanitizer is an easily accessible and affordable option. Sona Creative Group offers a variety of products that you can personalize to your practice while adhering to Parma guidelines. According to Chris, adding a logo is typically not much more expensive than the product itself. This is due, in part, to the steep discounts that you can take advantage of from bulk purchasing.

What Are Other Ways Sona Creative Group Can Help Me?

Chris and his team offer a variety of digital and print capabilities to aesthetic practices. These include business cards, brochures, and other printed sales aids. Motion picture can also help capture and convey your brand identity. There are many ways to take advantage of video in your office:

  1. Virtual Tours
  2. Injection Techniques and Other Training Materials
  3. Staff or Owner Interviews
  4. Waiting Room Commercials

Additionally, Sona Creative Group specializes in building Before and After Photography rooms of all sizes. Whether you want to designate a separate room or have a small station, no project size is too big or small. This involved extreme attention to detail and meticulousness. To ensure consistent photos for each patient, Chris measures everything “from where the patient stands, to where the patient looks, to where the cameras are, to where the lights are.”


Shop the Aesthetic Record Marketplace to select from a variety of face makes, face shields, goggles, gloves, hand sanitizers, and more ways you can protect your patients and staff as your opening your practice. Watch the full length interview below to learn more about Sona Creative Group and see examples of their video capabilities and photography rooms!

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