Photos Highlight Kybella as the Leader in Neck Fat Removal

Kybella is an injectable that an increasing number of aesthetic providers are using to help remove fat underneath their neck. Commonly referred to as a double chin, this area of submental fat can also result in a sagging turkey neck. Kybella is quickly becoming the most popular substitute for surgery to remove chin fat, and for good reason. Its primary ingredient is deoxycholic acid, which is a type of acid that naturally occurs inside the body to breakdown and absorb fat. Kybella injections melt submental fat in the chin, neck and bra areas with concentrated amounts of deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid then assists in breaking down and removing neck, chin and bra fat, alleviating the look of sagging skin.

While you can’t completely stop the aging process, you can help reduce certain signs of aging, like a sagging neck and chin fat. Many aesthetic treatments and procedures are specifically designed for this, in that they help people enhance their natural beauty, and in turn, their self-esteem. Benefits of Kybella for melting fat in the chin and neck area can cross physical, mental, and emotional areas.

In a consumer-centric world, consumers want to be positive that a product is going to be effective before making a purchase decision. Consumers do their due diligence and thoroughly research services, products and companies before deciding on a product or service. This is especially true in aesthetic medicine, in that all treatments are elective in nature. Aesthetic treatments grow in popularity after patients hear of a product’s success by word of mouth from a friend, co-worker, etc. The most effective form of communicating a product’s abilities and successes is through a powerful visual, before and after photos.

Kybella’s massive influx in popularity intiated as a result of patients’ satisfaction with the removal of their stubborn neck fat. When presented with a before and after photo, the results are near impossible to argue. Medical photo managment apps allow providers to quickly show clients excellent before and after photos; both of themselves, and even other patients who’ve had a similar treatment. Providers are notorious for avoiding the technical wave in fear of the transition being difficult to implement, technicology being complicated, or being too time consuming. Luckily, software and technology have been listening and are making huge strides in aesthetics. Medical photo management has been made easier than ever with user-friendly mobile apps. Before and after photos are essential to advertising in the aesthetic industry, and a medical photo management app can save providers time and money. Who wouldn’t want more of that? 


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