Patient Satisfaction Scores Are The Key to Increasing Aesthetic Clinic Revenue and Getting Better Online Reviews

Take a deep breath… Sometimes the day-to-day chaos of running a business gets in the way of actually running a business!  One of the things most often overlooked is providing an exceptional customer experience. From the moment a customer, or in our case, a patient, enters the door, they become a walking ambassador for your business. The can either become a bad review on Yelp or the greatest advocate you’ve ever seen. Sometimes it feels as though we have little control over the outcome despite what we believe to be our best efforts.

There is a growing, and certainly necessary, trend in the medical field to focus on “Reputation Management” scores as the greatest weapon in the battle for patient loyalty. What does Reputation Management entail? How can you keep track of your patient experience report card in real time? Say hello to Net Promotor Scores (NPS), a sure-fire way to increase aesthetic clinic revenue by offering a great patient experience.

What is NPS?

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. It is a measurement tool used to gauge a customer’s overall loyalty to a brand. The concept was introduced in a 2005 Harvard Business Review by Business Strategist and bestselling author, Fred Richheld. His simple, yet game-changing concept, has redefined the way nearly every industry looks at customer satisfaction.

How do you calculate NPS?

The Net Promotor Score tracks client experience through a simple, powerful metric. The original NPS survey asked the question, “How likely are you to recommend this business to a friend or colleague.” Answers were given on a scale of 1-10.  Now, NPS scores may ask about a procedure or practitioner, but the goal is still the same: How likely are they to recommend something you offer to others?

 To measure the actual score, respondents are broken down into one of three categories:

Promoters:  9-10 are considered an asset because they would most likely empower your brand’s reputation and continue on as loyal customers.

Passives: 7-8 are considered passive; these are satisfied but unenthusiastic customers.

Detractors: 0-6 are unsatisfied customers with the potential to hurt your reputation.

Subtract your Promotors from your Detractors, and you’ve got an NPS score! The Passives just fall out.  Since they don’t have an opinion either way, they aren’t really hurting or helping your brand, so their scores don’t matter for NPS. You can consider those people your unenthusiastic, apathetic patients.  They don’t love you and they don’t hate you- but they still provide a major opportunity to learn more about what’s happening in your aesthetic practice and increase your overall patient satisfaction scores.

NPS 2018

Who uses NPS?

 Business leaders use NPS all around the globe to determine everything from customer brand loyalty to whether a marketing campaign is having the intended impact. According to a Neilson Global Advertising study, 83% of respondents trusted recommendations by friends or family more than any form of advertising- that’s why NPS is mission critical for your business. In an environment where one negative review can cost you exponentially, it pays to be able to recognize weak spots in your organization. Whether you specialize in facial plastic surgery or minimally invasive procedures, word of mouth referrals are a strong driver of new patients and revenue into your office

How can NPS help your Medical Spa?

 As a Medical Spa Owner or Manager, NPS is invaluable to your long-term success. It can be used to measure the sentiment around individual clinics, procedures, and even providers. The simple question, “How happy are you with this procedure?” can give you powerful information to coach and train employees. The feedback can tell you if a procedure is being performed correctly and if your staff is providing a consistently incredible experience to each patient. Cosmetic procedures such as laser hair removal, dermal filler and botulinum toxin injections, make up most of the non-surgical aesthetic market with new practices popping up on every corner. It’s critical that in your practice, every provider of these services is well-trained and able to provide the highest level of service, so you maintain high patient retention.

How can Aesthetic Record help you manage NPS?

Aesthetic Record incorporates NPS into our software with easy to build, easy to deploy surveys. You can track every detail of NPS and uncover satisfaction gaps before they leave a black mark on your business. If a patient has an issue, you can quickly identify it, remedy it, and turn the experience into a positive one before it becomes social media warfare. On the flip side, a flurry of positive reviews allows you to reinforce the good deeds of your staff and to create excitement around your patient-focused culture.  Somewhere in between, you can pick up on those who are struggling to understand how to perform a procedure or haven’t quite figured out how to give your patients the best experience.  No matter the score, you’ll always know where you are, and that’s the information you need to run a solid business.

When you can employ your aesthetic clinic software, something you are already using every day with every patient, to track your reputation and aesthetic patient satisfaction, you gain valuable insights about your business. With Aesthetic Record, our end-to-end software helps you to turn those NPS scores into coachable, actionable data points.  Our algorithm creates real-time dashboards so you can constantly track your patient’s sentiment. And there are no extra steps, and no extra software packages to pay for; it’s all included with one intention – to make running your practice easier!

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If your Medical Spa software doesn’t calculate NPS or you find deploying and measuring surveys is a chore, you are missing out on leveraging the most popular way to rate aesthetic patient loyalty and satisfaction. Aesthetic Record can be a competitive advantage in your employee training efforts and a way to elevate your practice experience.  There are no hidden fees or setup costs.  Just use our easy survey creator, and you’ve taken the first step to making the job of running your practice and increasing your revenue exponentially easier!

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