Has balancing your practice schedule become a headache? Most Med Spa Directors and Owners list scheduling as a primary pain point in their overall business analysis. It’s tough to juggle all the necessary components of a thriving medical spa while you’re trying to determine which provider is occupying which room, using what device, and for how long. Double booking feels like the end of the world to the patient who is forced to wait, so this conundrum repeats itself every day!

Take a deep breath… Sometimes the day-to-day chaos of running a business gets in the way of actually running a business!  One of the things most often overlooked is providing an exceptional customer experience. From the moment a customer, or in our case, a patient, enters the door, they become a walking ambassador for your business. The can either become a bad review on Yelp or the greatest advocate you’ve ever seen. Sometimes it feels as though we have little control over the outcome despite what we believe to be our best efforts.

Electronic Clinic Documentation improves the quality of patient care and creates a better experience for your whole office. For most of us, working with paper-based files feels obsolete and time-consuming. But is it worth it to take the time and money to invest in a new way of practicing? Will the program free up time or leave you with more frustration while you learn to use it?