What is Aesthetic Record’s White Glove Software Transition and Why Do I Need it?

Does your Med Spa Software run like this?



It can, and it doesn’t have to be the nightmare you’re accustomed to…

If you’re new to the med spa industry, software implementation may be one of those unique areas where your inexperience is is an asset. Most established Med Spas are still feeling the backlash of ineffective Electronic Medical Record (EMR) applications and some have abandoned their software altogether. 


Med Spa Software Transition

EMR platforms have slammed the market hard over the past five years. 

HIPAA regulations forced many practitioner’s hands, pushing them into programs that were woefully inefficient. Movements to address the ensuing burnout and frustration have just begun to gain traction. 

For those med spas that are unfortunate enough to be mired in an outdated EMR application, Aesthetic Record happily contributes our “White Glove Transition Service.”

Along with your new application, we’ll work with you to create a clear and coordinated plan for its implementation. When you’re ready to begin our coaches will be here for you at every step…


It’s our goal to simplify the world of Aesthetic Software one clinic at a time and we want your move to be seamless.



       Are you Ready to Carry Your Business in the Palm of Your Hand?

The world in the palm of your hand - business concepts.jpeg

Let us show you how easy it is to: 

  • Create an Appointment
  • Photograph Your Client
  • Save Your Questionnaires & Consents
  • Record Your Procedures
  • Complete Your POS Transactions
  • Track Your Inventory
  • Optimize Your Marketing Campaigns


Hands-on experience within the aesthetic medical world has given us the ability to recognize bottlenecks before they occur.

Aesthetic Record Software White Glove Service

 With countless hours walking owners, management and staff through these   transitions we’re eager to give you the tools you need to stay competitive

So Stop Worrying

 You won’t be the first Practice Owner to email us files filled with hand-drawn faces or scribbled notes at 3 am on a Tuesday… 

We know the life, we’ve worked with the available systems and we’re here to show you an easier way to reach your goals. 




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