Great Before and After Photos Using Aesthetic Software

             Aesthetic software photosbefore and tfter aesthetic software
       Great before and after pictures are your digital salespeople


Your aesthetics software before and after photos can be a tough sell for today’s savvy clients. The BBC recently highlighted this phenomenon, noting that the ease of Photoshop and unregulated marketing practices has given all a good reason to be wary. 

In aesthetics, we know that clients can also use before and after pictures to push for unrealistic expectations. Other times they can be used as a way to justify unhealthy obsessions like body dysmorphic disorder, and as providers, we do all we can to keep our clients from making bad decisions.




That being said, we need before and after photos to demonstrate the effectiveness of procedures and to grab the attention of both clients and potential clients. Good aesthetic software photos also help people to focus on their overall goals when they enter our offices. Everything about the way this photography is presented can affect the success of our ad campaigns and even our overall client satisfaction.


             Aesthetic software system before and after picturesAesthetic software system before and after pictures

 “The standard should be: Would a person who doesn’t know anything about aesthetics be able to tell the exact difference at a glance in your before and after pictures? “

You probably don’t need to be told about the importance of psychology when it comes to your client’s reactions to their treatments. But you may be surprised by the effect that layout and presentation have on their expectations before they ever enter your office.


 Before and After Photos-Does Layout Matter?

We’ve seen many practices that choose to display progressive photos from top to bottom, when it comes to marketing this is a huge mistake. Western culture, in fact, any culturethat reads from left to right, naturally observes forward motion in a left to right layout.

In other words, your before and after photos are more effective when published with before on the left and after on the right. The opposite is true if your market is clients that read from right to left.


  Kybella Aesthetic software system before and after picturesKybella Aesthetic software system before and after pictures

Notice the Lost Impact in this Right to Left Progression


Spatial layout is also an under-recognized jewel in the marketing of before and after photography. Studies have shown that, in general, people view images that sit closer together as being more closely related than those that sit at a relative distance to one another. It seems to be a universal human perception and it means your before and after photography has the best impact when it sits side by side, without space or interruption.


  Kybella Aesthetic software man                      Kybella Aesthetic software man after                                       Just a Small Gap Can Minimize Your Photo’s Impact                                                                             

 Before and After “Dos”:


  • Photos should be from neck/shoulders up (unless treating an area other than the face) be sure that your photos are taken close enough to see the details that you are emphasizing.
  • Photos should be taken with client facing forward and then at a 45-degree angle for both the left and right side.

 Botox Aesthetic software Botox Aesthetic software before and after

 Botox Aesthetic software before and afterright Botox Aesthetic software before and after

  • For your forward shot the client should have their eyes open, looking straight ahead, not smiling this way we can assess eyelid droop if need be.

 Botox Front Aesthetic software before and afterBotox Aesthetic software front after

A clinic that neglects the asset of before and after photography will always lose business to those that know how to professionally showcase their work.

Before & After “Don’ts”


  • Don’t use photos that are unclear on the procedure that the client had done.

 front bad Botox Aesthetic software before and afterfront bad Botox Aesthetic software after

  • Don’t take photos from too far away or use photos that the viewer cannot zoom in on for details.
  • Don’t use photos that have been taken at different angles, these undermine the effectiveness of the images. 


Your Ideal Before and After Photo Shoot


  • Use the same, identical background in both pictures.
  • Use the same, exact lighting in both pictures.
  • Use the same amount of focus in both pictures.
  • Use an aesthetician’s facials machine light when possible 
  • Make sure there is no natural light in the room when you’re taking before and after photos.


             Kybella Blond Aesthetic software before Kybella Blond Aesthetic software after


Posting Before and After Photos Checklist


  • Always obtain consent and clarify whether you can post the client’s whole face or only a cropped area.
  • Make sure to overlay your company’s logo on every one of your pictures and videos that you post on either your personal or your company’s social platforms. 
  • Focus the picture on what you want to show. If the procedure was done on the lips, then lips should be the focus, if it was done under the eyes, then the under eyes should be the focus… The standard should be: “Would a person who doesn’t know anything about aesthetics be able to tell the exact difference at a glance in your before and after pictures?” If the answer is no, the pictures need to be retaken
By focusing on an investment in solid aesthetic software and good photo quality your practice can begin to overtake your competitors and bring in new clientele. 


 Need more Help?

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