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PA Cheyanne Shares Her Aesthetic Record Journey with the Configure & Deliver Plan

Starting a Medical Spa can be a daunting task. Not only is it a large financial investment, but it requires knowledge of the legal & compliance aspect of things, inventory management, marketing, human resources, and so much more. One of the most critical pieces that can often be overlooked is finding the right electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management system to power your new clinic. In many cases, owners will choose to go with multiple systems that are “linked” together manually to take advantage of bits and pieces they like about each.This may create a Frankenstein affect- the best pieces of separate systems cannot be put together to build a super software. It’s just not possible, and often comes out being quite an unmanageable monster. Every practice administrator will be required to pick and choose the things they need most to accomplish their business and growth goals. It’s true what they say…you can’t have it all, but you can definitely have a large majority of it!

How Does Aesthetic Record Specifically Help a Solo Provider Who is Also an Owner?

For the solo provider who is both running their own practice and serving as the single source of revenue production, finding a solution that is easy to manage isn’t only preferred, it’s a necessity. In a perfect world, one system can handle everything you need from check-in to checkout. What does that mean to a brand new, single injector practice? It means one system that can help you to:

  • Reduce “front desk” booking calls via 24/7 online booking & eliminate wasted time with pre-appointment paperwork
  • Provide opportunities to capture revenue like promotions & packages and membership programs
  • Use a single, mobile device to go from check-in to charting to checkout and rebooking so you don’t need multiple platforms or a laptop to do the job
  • Leverage an integrated POS to reduce cancellations, create a direct link from chart to cart, boost revenue with pre-sells and easily apply patient reward programs
  • Capture photography, upload, chart and trace inventory in a single workflow
  • Manage reporting & key insights from an easy-to-use dashboard

What’s the Easiest Way to Get Started with Aesthetic Record?

We’ve onboarded thousands of practices over the years, and no matter how you slice it, setting up and learning a new system takes time. But how much time it takes is completely manageable! We have a team of Engineering Experts who spend their entire day helping accounts get up to speed in record time. Our Training Engineers build and deliver fully configured systems that save new owners around 75 hours of build & training time and thousands of dollars of lost revenue by giving those hours back to the practice.

Our Configure and Deliver plan allows a new practice owner to focus on everything else they need to do while our team sets up their complete AR system and prepares it for delivery. For less than 2 vials of toxin purchased from your favorite manufacturer, you can completely configure the core system that will run your practice, manage your inventory, house your medical records, collect your revenue, and so much more. All you need to do is point us in the right direction, and we’ll do the heavy lifting. What you’ll get back is a fully built system that has been vetted, quality checked and optimized for your practice.

How Does the Configure & Deliver Plan Work?

Most accounts start off with a demo from our Sales Specialists and a 2-week free trial. Once they make the decision to come onboard with AR, it’s time to choose what sort of plan or level of support is the best fit to get started. Choosing the Configure & Deliver plan simply means choosing to prioritize the tasks only YOU can do as the Practice Owner and outsourcing the ones that monopolize your time and can be best completed by a subject-matter expert. We have an incredible AR Academy full of great videos, but we recommend those as a supplement to your core training. Setting up your system correctly from Day One and getting proper training on how to use it by an Expert not only saves you countless hours up front, but it also saves you rework, mistakes, frustration, and the hours you’d spend working on AR instead of generating revenue.

Every C&D plan starts with a project kick-off.  At that time, we partner with you to understand your inventory, services, provider schedules, paperwork, memberships, promotions, and overall workflows. Then we configure your new AR system to include those components as well as advise and consult on ways to calibrate your existing setup to achieve your goals. After configuration is done, we deliver! You are handed over a configured system that is setup just the way you like it. Once that’s done, we don’t provide generic training. We train you to operate YOUR system, your workflows, your setup. The entire process puts you at the center of a collaborative effort to get you set up, trained and fully implemented as quickly as possible.

What Can I Expect When I Sign Up?

We’d love to tell you how great our team is (because they REALLY are great!!!), but we also love when our customers want to share their stories.  We recently visited PA Cheyanne owner and solo provider at The Private Suite LA in Los Angeles, CA. PA Cheyanne is forthcoming when it comes to her love/hate relationship with technology. She knew she needed an electronic system to run her new practice, but the idea of getting in the weeds with building out her own account then spending time independently training without a teacher seemed to be daunting. When you mix in the fact that she was also busy looking for a new space, setting up accounts with manufacturers, creating her marketing assets and more, she was extremely limited on time. Cheyanne decided to move forward with a Configure & Deliver Plan, and Training Engineer, Maddie Ledet, worked closely with her over those critical weeks to get her system built, delivered and fully operational. The Private Suite LA went live in December 2020, and Cheyanne continues to consult with Maddie on best practices,  utilize the live chat support and leverage tutorials and webinars from AR Academy when new things are launched. As our system evolves, there will always be a need to continue learning, but having the right fundamentals in place can be a mighty advantage longterm.

What’s Cheyanne’s Favorite Aesthetic Record Feature?

Cheyanne is a GAIN Trainer for Galderma which means she’s constantly traveling around the US to teach and train new injectors. She’s become a big fan of the built in, high-resolution photography options and finds it brings tremendous value when teaching new injectors how to capture and implement standardized photography in their practice. This feature is not only critical for the actual medical record, but the built in camera ties directly to the chart saving time and improving consistency from patient-to-patient. In Cheyanne’s own words, this is must-have for every injector, especially those acting as both the owner and provider!

Check out more of PA Cheyanne’s experience with Aesthetic Record & the Configure & Deliver Plan!


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