How to Get Board Certified Aesthetic Medical Training

How to Get Board Certified Aesthetic Medical Training

Whether you are new to the world of aesthetic injections or have been practicing for a while you have most likely wondered exactly how to get board certified. You’ve probably even spent time on and seen some of the sad or infuriating stories about botched treatments and poorly informed practitioners. It’s depressing to see comments from clients that have done their due diligence and still ended up trusting the wrong practitioners. 

So why are clients trusting practitioners that are not board certified in Aesthetic Medicine? In truth, the certification doesn’t actually exist-At least not in any accredited or medically sound sense. The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) still does not recognize ours as a “Medical Specialty”, so the “Anti-aging” industry is, in many ways, policing itself at the moment.

certified in aesthetic medical training

It’s likely that some of these “bad practitioners” at some point themselves tried to find out how to get board certified. In fact, some undoubtedly even fell for one of the less-than-ethical aesthetics medical training sites that claim to offer “Board Certification” and received poor or incomplete information on products and techniques.

If I Cannot Truly Get Board Certified in Aesthetic Medicine How Can I Be Sure That My Procedures Are Done Right?


  • Find a program that is run by an actual plastic surgeon with a stellar record. Be sure that your trainer has something to lose if he or she doesn’t provide solid, hands on training.
  • Study the injectables you plan to use and educate your clients! They have a right to know that it is an imperfect system, and that a Groupon ad is not necessarily the best screening process for finding someone to perform such a delicate treatment.
  • Do not treat any clients until you are confident in your technique.


How do Companies Get Away with Offering “Fake” Board Certifications in Aesthetic Medical Training?

As tough as it is to police the Aesthetic Medical Community, it’s even tougher to police the internet! Having no solid laws in place about how businesses are allowed to market these services, from before and after photos to actual injections, means that inevitably you are going to get businesses pushing the boundaries as far as they can.

Aesthetic medical training is a hot topic, and there will always be people that are willing to do anything for a quick buck. Even offering poor training in something that can affect a person’s health or livelihood.

Bad certification in aesthetic medical training


We all know that marketing is an integral part of any business strategy, and you’ve probably noticed the rise in online training programs for almost every industry. These can range from solid, reputable businesses to a series of how-to videos made in someone’s basement at 2 am. We just haven’t caught up to this phenomenon as a culture and there is no sign that standards will be shifting at any time in the near future.

As far as becoming a great aesthetics medicine provider, just remember who you are and why you entered the industry. We all win by helping people to look and feel like the best versions of themselves. Take the time to understand your products and your clients’ needs and Aesthetic Medicine can be a rewarding and profitable undertaking for your practice or spa.

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