Aesthetic Software Security

Aesthetic Software Security, the growing concern…but don’t take our word for it!



Aesthetic Software Security


This was actually part of a Facebook post that included the unfourtunate young woman’s first and last name. With a quick glance it looks like an attack from an angry ex, but this was an act of aggression from a former friend that worked for a clinic where the 21-year-old had recently been treated.

This patient care technician had snooped through France’s confidential files and then actually aired the information on Social Media. These kinds of nightmare scenarios are a blow to both patients and healthcare professionals, and they leave many people questioning the security and respect given to their private medical records.

“Do I really need to worry about my Aesthetic Software Security?”

Traditional paper record keeping that was the norm a few decades ago is now obsolete and the practice of relying on paper EMR can leave clinics out-of-touch with their own client’s histories. While the complete move from paper records to EMR is a goal for most modern aesthetic clinics, the media excitement surrounding each HIPAA breach combined with a natural resistance to the unknown holds some practitioners back from making that final move.

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EMR related security breaches are on the rise alongside our need for quick and easy access and if you follow business periodicals like Fortune and Forbes you know that the IT world has taken notice. The push for better EMR software has created an arms race of sorts and billions are being invested every year in order to keep your client records safe.



There is even a Federal Risk and Authorization Program, which provides a standardized approach to assess and monitor the security of cloud providers. When your practice has committed to becoming HIPAA & HITECH compliant there are a few things that you can do to make the transition smooth and secure:


  • Keep Your Software Up -to-Date:

A major cause of breaches happens at the clinic level. If you have chosen to run your own software it’s imperative to designate a point person that ensures all updates are installed correctly and who checks regularly for new releases. 


  • Thoroughly Vet Your Affiliations:

Before committing to new business relationships, be sure that you are not only dealing with a reputable company but one that takes their aesthetic software security seriously. Sharing data with clinics that don’t keep their systems secure is a liability and should be carefully considered for pros and cons.


Aesthetic Software


  • Have an Emergency Plan:

EMR security breaches can come in several forms; one of the most reported is ransomware. This is the practice associated with cyber-criminals that isolate medical records and hold them “hostage” until a clinic provides a ransom. Consulting an expert in cyber-security is worth the initial investment and pays for itself in peace of mind.


  •  Provide Employees with Continuing Education:

Medical clinic staff members are busy; they cannot be expected to grasp every aspect of your software as a part of their daily workload. Also, keep in mind that some staff members will grasp new information more quickly than others. Be sure that all staff has a thorough understanding of your new aesthetic software, lack of follow-up training is a major cause of data errors and security issues.


Aesthetic Software Training


  • Hire an Expert Trainer:

Most practices that have fully implemented a good aesthetic software system and are truly enjoying the benefits have taken the extra step of bringing in an experienced trainer for the transition.


Aesthetic Record’s EMR software even provides guidance when you try our service. Spend some time researching the available EMR software options and be sure to opt for something that fits the flow of your aesthetic practice.



Like it or not, EMR is not a luxury, it is an expectation. Aesthetics clients are also motivated by the opportunity to easily access a cosmetic timeline of their progress and clinics that fall behind the competition will eventually feel the financial repercussions. 

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